Christmas Hot Chocolate

There’s a hot chocolate above all hot chocolates out there and you can make it yourself tonight. All you need is a crockpot, the ingredients, and 2 hours of anticipation. Trust me, the 2 hour wait is soo worth it.

I discovered this recipe last year on Pinterest and it made for our family Christmas party. It was a huge success. I doubled the recipe and used two crockpots, but I easily could have made more. I made the hot chocolate again this year and mixed it with Bailey’s Irish Cream. Now we’re talking!

Crockpot Hot Chocolate:

1.5 cups Whipping cream
1 14oz can of sweetened evaporated milk
6 cups milk
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

Put all ingredients in a crockpot on low heat for two hours.

I set up a little hot chocolate station with cups of mini candy canes, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and M&Ms.


Be sure to stir the hot chocolate occassionally throughout the cook time. Since you’re melting chocolate chips, you’ll notice that it doesn’t ever blend perfectly smooth. From reading the comments from the original recipe, I guess chocolate chips have stabilizers in them to help hold their form when you bake them. If the little remnants of chocolate bother you, try chocolate chunks, apparently they don’t have stabilizers.

It’s the best hot chocolate ever. A creamy chocolately delight. A once a year treat. 🙂


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