Some of My Favorite Food in Turkey

As if Turkey’s natural beauty and rich history weren’t enough reasons to visit, they also have unbelieveable food.

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to 3 cities in Turkey: Istanbul, Cesme, and Bodrum; and I wanted to share some of my favorite dishes with you.


Some of the best tasting meat I’ve ever had was during my trips to Turkey. Kebab (kebap in Turkish) houses are a dime a dozen there. Not at all are created equal, but most of the ones I’ve eaten have been exquisite.


This is a Bursa Iskender Kebab. There are a lot different kinds of kebab, but this is my absolute favorite. The meat is in a tomato based sauce, sitting on pieces of pita bread, covered in garlic yogurt and melted butter.


If you’re a fan of pickles, meet pickle heaven. Everything here is pickled to your heart’s content.


This is kasarli pide. The closest thing I can compare it to is a cheese pizza with no sauce. But that doesn’t come close to describing it. This is a must have in Bodrum. Nothing compares.


This köfte from a restaurant in Bodrum. This meat is delicious.


This is manti. It’s sort of like dumplings or ravioli but much much better. Garlic yogurt and melted butter on top!


This is gözleme. I had this for the first time in Bodrum and I fell in love. I’ve had them filled with cheese and potato. I’m drooling just thinking about it.


This is an amazing sandwich from my boyfriend’s friend’s restaurant. This place belongs in Santa Monica!


For some reason, I can’t remember the Turkish names for these. These are mussells filled with rice. My boyfriend and his friends ate hundreds of these during our trip in Cesme!


This is Cesme’s famous kumru sandwich. I ate one 3 days in a row and I would do it again in a heart beat.

Have you ever tried Turkish food? What’s your favorite dish?


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