Savory French Toast

I love french toast, but I’m not always up for all that powdered sugar and syrup. It’s too early for all that sweetness!

So a few years ago, I asked myself, why not make a savory type of french toast? Could it be possible? Oh yes.

For today’s french toast, I used roasted garlic sourdough bread from my local grocery store’s bakery. So yummy.

I cracked 1 egg in a bowl and beat it as you would for scrambled eggs.

Then I layed one slice of bread in the bowl, pressing it down gently to absorb the egg. Be sure the entire side has a nice, thin egg layer. Flip and do the same to the other side.

Hold the bread above the bowl, letting any excess egg drip back into the bowl.

I just got a griddle for Christmas, so I used that to cook my french toast, but a pan works just as well. Butter the griddle or pan, then toast each side until the bread is golden brown.


Serve with a little sea salt and goat cheese or feta.



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