Chicken Paillard

Last night I decided to make Chicken Paillard from my Tyler Florence Family Meal cookbook. What a delicious dish!


I’ve made this dish before but since it’s been over a year, I followed the directions step by step. Next time I’ll be making some adjustments. I’ll explain as I go on.


To begin, I rinsed and paper towel dried to 2 chicken breasts. Once dried, I placed 1 chicken breast on a piece of plastic wrap and then put another piece of plastic wrap over the chicken. If you don’t like handling raw meat, get some vinyl or latex gloves. I always have some handy under the sink. 😉


Then, using a rolling pin like a mallet, I beat the chicken to flatten it down. Looking back, I should have taken a little more time on this step. Make sure your chicken is nice and thin.


Then I repeated the same process with the 2nd chicken breast. Next, I created a breading station. I made one bowl for a half cup of flour. This turned out to be a little more flour than necessary. I suggest you use a 1/4 cup and add a few spoonfuls more as needed. In second bowl, I whisked together 2 eggs. I suggest using 1 egg. I ended up having a little too much egg. Finally, I made a bag with seasoned panko breadcrumbs and French’s fried onions. The original recipe only called for regular panko breadcrumbs.


Dip each piece of chicken in the flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs (in that order). Be sure to get a good even coat, but less any excess fall off. Then put the breaded chicken in the fridge. The original recipe said for 10 minutes, but I left it in there longer. This gave me time to prepare the lemon sauce, rice, and a side of sauteed mushrooms.


I have a fail proof method for cooking Jasmine rice. In case you haven’t heard, apparently brown rice isn’t healthier than white.


I usually make a half a mug of rice. To begin, I rinse the rice until the water is no longer cloudy.


Then I pour my washed rice into a pot with a can of chicken broth. Boil on medium heat. Once it starts to boil, reduce heat to low and cover. You may stir the rice a few times, but keep the lid on as much as possible. Once the water is evaporated, turn off the heat and let stand covered for 3-5 minutes.


To make the lemon sauce, I chopped 2 cloves of garlic, juiced 2 lemons, and separated 2 egg yolks. A blended them together in my food processor for 30 seconds, then slowly added a 1/2 cup of olive oil. This sauce was delicious but too much for just the chicken. If you want to make this amount of sauce, make the mixed green salad and use the lemon sauce as a salad dressing.


Just before the rice was finished, I took the chicken out of the fridge and fried it in a little olive oil. The original recipe called for 2 inches of oil, but that seemed like too much, so I did less.


This was a really yummy dinner. The kind of dinner you still talk about for a few days after. It’s a little time consuming but worth the effort. Maybe a good option for a guest? A romantic dinner?


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