My Thanksgiving Menu

If you can believe it, Thanksgiving is less than a week away! If you haven’t been furiously planning over the last several weeks, like I have, hopefully my menu, recipe choices, and tips can bring you some inspiration.


This year my parents are buying a fresh turkey (as opposed to a frozen one) and I have suggested that we try a new cooking technique called spatchcocking or butterflying. It’s supposed to cook the turkey faster and more evenly. If you’ve ever tried this method with turkey or chicken, I’d love to know what you think of it.

Sage sausage stuffing

Sausage stuffing has been a staple side dish in our family Thanksgivings for years. We just make it from a box on the stovetop and add Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage. Yummy!

Mashed potatoes

These are my specialty! I tried making them in a crock pot last year, but nothing beats the traditional method. But I’m excited to use my immersion blender to get the smoothest, creamiest texture possible!

Potatoes au gratin

Did I mention I love potatoes? and cheese?

Here’s my go to recipe:

Be sure to use a mandoline slicer to get the thinnest potato slices and be sure to layer them evenly!

Broccoli and cauliflower gratin

I wrote about this side dish in one of my earlier posts. So delicious!

Creamed spinach

When it comes to creamed spinach, and many other things, I turn to Pioneer Woman for the perfect recipe:

Roasted butternut squash soup

A friend made this soup for me and I absolutely loved it! Go easy on the curry powder if you have a sensitive tummy.

Fall leaf bread (Pillsbury croissant dough with cheese and herbs)

Brilliant idea from Pinterest. Gotta try it!

Honey and Vanilla Glazed Carrots

I like the simplicity and sophistication of this:

Green bean casserole

A must on any traditional Thanksgiving plate! I ❤ green beans.


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