How to Prepare and Enjoy Japanese Eggplants

Eggplants. Aubergines. Patlican. Whatever your name for it, it’s that beautiful purple vegetable that isn’t seeing enough face time on your dinner plate. They’re full of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. And if prepared well, they can be incredibly delicious. Some vegetables are best when they’re cooked and eggplants are no exception. But the trick is knowing how to prepare them so you can make the most of their flavor.

There are several varieties of eggplants, but my favorite are Japanese. Japanese eggplants are like the thin, miniature versions of your average eggplant and are a much darker purple than their longer, Chinese cousin.


If you’re cooking for two, one or two of these babies will make for the perfect side dish. To prepare it for cooking, start by peeling the skin using a potato peeler, then chop off the stem.


Next, slice the eggplant into thin strips, cutting length-wise.


Lay each piece flat inside a baking dish, drizzling each piece with olive oil. Be sure each piece is sufficiently soaked, without overdoing it. Too much oil will prevent them from getting crispy. Sprinkle with sea salt, then bake at 375 degrees F for 20-25 minutes. Be sure to check on them periodically during the cooking process. Once the edges of the slices start to brown, they are ready. Serve with plain Greek yogurt and enjoy!



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