Turkish Manti – Sort Of

I hate leftovers. I have a weird thing with eating the same thing twice in a row and most prepared foods just don’t keep well. But I also hate wasting food. That’s why I’ve been working so hard to figure out the right portions. I want to make sure we have enough to eat so that we don’t go on a Taco Bell run…but I also don’t want to have extra. Aren’t we lucky that this is a major concern in our lives?

There are a few things that I can tolerate as leftovers…one of those being ground beef. It’s a lot easier to make a pound all at once even though the most we usually eat in a night is about half of that. I just bag up the second half and save it for the next night. The best part? I can make an entirely different dish–and quick.

Manti is a classic Turkish dish that I absolutely love. It’s like dumplings or ravioli, but soo soo much better. It’s also pretty challenging to make. To be honest, my one attempt to make it was a complete fail. I’ll try again someday, but until then I have an easy substitute.


I simply make elbow macaroni noodles and top them with garlic yogurt, a little bit of ground beef and marinara sauce, melted butter, and red pepper flakes. You get a similar flavor for a lot less work –and I get to use up my leftover ground beef.

In case you were curious, here’s a picture of real homemade manti I ate while visiting Istanbul last July:


How do you deal with leftovers?



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