Dinner – Lentil soup, sauteed mushrooms, and pan fried chicken medallions

Tonight’s meal was full of some of my favorite foods. Since a lot of the things I make use similar ingredients, there are certain items you are almost guaranteed to find in my kitchen at any point in time:


Olive oil

Tomato paste

Red and green lentils


Pretty much everything you need to make Ezo Gelin Çorbası, a classic Turkish lentil soup. As usual, I was cooking for 2 tonight, so I started by boiling a cup of red lentils and a chicken bouillon cube in 5 cups of filtered water. Red lentils take approximately 20 minutes to cook, but I recommend learning when they’re ready by sight/a taste test since stovetop cooking times generally vary. The goal is get the lentils nice and soft (sort of like cooking rice). Speaking of rice, the traditional recipe calls for a bit of rice (like a 1/4 cup or less), but I just skipped this step since I didn’t have any.

While the lentils cook, saute onions in olive oil, adding a large spoonful of tomato paste once the onions are translucent. Again, I had to modify because I ran out of tomato paste. Instead I added half a can of tomato soup directly into the lentils and then the sauteed onions. The soup was a slightly lighter orange than it normally would be, but the difference in taste was negligible. 🙂 Next, season with salt, black pepper, and red pepper flakes or cayenne pepper. Finally, I removed the soup from the heat and blended everything together using my Kitchenaid immersion blender (my second favorite kitchen tool after my mandoline slicer).

Over the last couple of months, I have fallen hard for white mushrooms. I used to be terrified of them, but after finding this cooking method, I can’t get enough of them!


I used to buy my white mushrooms pre-washed and sliced, until I figured out how much cheaper it was to buy them in bulk. Now I get twice the mushrooms I was getting before. Sure I have to rinse and slice them, but it’s worth it.


The important thing with mushrooms is that they shouldn’t be moved around a lot once cooking on the pan. Drizzle with olive oil and let them be for about 8 minutes before turning them over (medium, high heat). After you turn them over, add chopped onions and garlic.


Two of the healthiest and most delicious flavors from Mother Earth! Once the onions and garlic are cooked through, add salt, black pepper, thyme, and a splash of soy sauce. Soo good with steak or chicken.

Speaking of chicken, I also made some chicken medallions from a single chicken breast. I’m planning a separate post about my chicken method for an another time, but for now, here’s a picture of the complete meal on a bed of spinach.


Relatively simple and quick…and soo good. I could use a walk now, I’m so full!

What did you make for dinner?



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