Soup – Healing Chicken Soup

This is another big weekend for us. Friends are visiting from out of town, restaurant reservations are made, and fun is about to be had. But illness doesn’t care about plans. Those viruses just invite themselves in and make themselves comfortable. Luckily I am prepared for this unexpected visit and can get it under control before it rains on my oh so happy parade. This is an age old remedy that’s proved itself for generations: good old fashioned chicken soup. It’s antiviral, it’s tasty, soothing, and very easy to make.

photo 2 (3)

Start by boiling chicken in a mixture of filtered water and chicken broth (a bouillon cube or two will work fine as well). For two people, I usually boil a single chicken breast with about 6-8 cups of broth/water. This is great because I can just pull one from the freezer and drop it right into the pot.

While, the chicken cooks, saute a handful of chopped white onions in olive oil. Then squeeze 2-3 lemons and set aside. When the chicken is completely white, I usually add a half cup of Orzo pasta. Today I was out so I broke spaghetti into little pieces.

photo 1 (3)

Before adding the pasta, remove the chicken and place it on a cutting board. While pasta cooks, shred the chicken into bite sized strips. The chicken will be hot so you may want to use a knife at first. But I prefer to use my hands. I don’t usually shred the entire chicken breast but it’s completely up to you.

Now you can put the shredded chicken, fresh squeezed lemon juice and a little salt and pepper into the pot.

So simple! Feel free to add carrots, celery, or garlic. But I like it plain.

One bowl of this and you’ll be feeling better in no time! I know I do. 🙂

Happy Friday,



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