Dessert – Marshmallow Treats

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Inspired by Something Swanky’s 50 BEST Rice Krispie Treat Recipes, I decided to try making a version of my own just for fun.

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Not my favorite and on top of it, my boyfriend said he thought they kind of look like ground beef. Ha ha! But the concept got me thinking of how it easy it is to dress up this classic treat. With a little food coloring, cookie cutters, sprinkles, and other cake decorating supplies, you can really have a field day. I’ve even seen professional bakers on TV use rice krispies to make much more elaborate decorations for cakes, covering them with fondant or modeling chocolate. They would make great last minute treats to take to a coworker on their birthday or to go along with a themed party. My wheels are turning and there’s already so many great recipes and ideas out there for you.

But here’s my secret. As much as I love dessert – baking and eating it…I know how important it is to limit my daily sugar intake. About 2 years ago, I temporarily cut sugar out of my life completely. I had to learn to wake up without reaching for a can of Coke or picking up my favorite chocolate at World Market. You know, it was hard at first but less than a month in, it got much easier. I’m not saying I was tempted, but it was easier to ignore that voice in my head. I had broken the habit and I wasn’t craving it in the same way any more. These days, I’m not nearly as strict anymore but I’ve taken a lot of lessons I’ve learned from that time with me and try to practice them to this day.

Rule #1: Don’t Drink Your Sugars

I’ve cut out all sugary drinks from my life–most of time. I drink black iced tea, water, or hot green tea/chamomile tea. That’s it. When I really need a sugar fix, I’ll share a Coke, fill my cup only half way, or have a cranberry juice with no added sugar. And I never go for “sugar free” crap either. Those fake sugars (Sweet n Low, aspartame, Splenda, etc.) are worse for your health than the real thing. If you haven’t already, read “Skinny Bitch”. A fun read and lots of great advice for staying healthy. I don’t necessarily agree with taking a vegan lifestyle, but there’s still plenty of good information. It’s so easy to drink a massive amount of sugar. Save your daily allowance of 20 grams for dessert!

*Side benefit: By cutting out soda, my stomach is so much flatter and I’m drinking more water too. 🙂

Rule #2: Cut Down on Added Sugars From Food

As healthy as it is, for some reason, Greek yogurt contains a lot of sugar, 12 grams or more per serving! That’s why I buy Greek Gods Greek Yogurt (the green container). It’s only 7 grams of sugar per serving. That’s a pretty big reduction in sugar. I also look for other things like ketchup and peanut butter without corn syrup.

Rule #3: Don’t Buy Sugary Snacks

I hardly ever buy pre-made cookies or candy. If it’s laying around, we’ll eat it. If we have to go out to get it or I have to bake, we’re much less likely to get tempted. This also makes it so having dessert is more of a treat instead of an everyday thing.

Rule #4: Share Your Dessert

I used to make cookies and eat the whole batch myself…or go out to Cheesecake Factory and eat the whole slice of cheesecake myself. 🙂 Now I share. Sharing is caring and it keeps my waistline in check.

The most important thing I do to keep myself healthy and happy is exercise. If I’m going to the gym or doing yoga in my apartment at least 4 to 5 times a week, then I don’t feel guilty having one donut. Life was meant to be enjoyed! You deserve a break every now and then.



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