Side dish – Broccoli Gratin and Creamy Lemon Sauce

Hi everyone!

I am back after a long and wonderful weekend. There was little time for cooking, so I am happy to return to my normal routine! Tonight I made some delicious side dishes to go along with my usual salt and pepper chicken breast. It’s great that Foster Farms sells a 8 pack of individual chicken breasts. Since I only cook for two, I can usually get away with cooking one or two breasts per meal, which means for about $20, I get up to 16 meals! Of course, you need some veggies and carbs to go along with your protein, and that’s what today’s blog is all about. 🙂

For my carbs, I love boiled baby gold potatoes. They’re a great source of potassium and Vitamin C and are simply delicious. Gold potatoes also have a much nicer flavor than Russet potatoes (in my opinion). They mash better too. But even gold potatoes need a little help. This is where my creamy lemon sauce comes in. It’s similar to an aioli, but without the egg and garlic, although you could certainly adapt this recipe to include those ingredients.

Creamy Lemon Sauce

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mayonnaise (substitute: Greek yogurt)

Fresh squeezed lemon juice

Salt and pepper to taste

That’s it! I’m leaving out exact amounts because I usually make this by eye. But as you can see in the photo before I mixed the ingredients, you don’t need too much. And you can always adjust the ratio of oil to mayo depending on your preferences.


I absolutely love this fine black pepper I have from Turkey. Once the ingredients are mixed, it should look like this:


A great sauce for dipping or pouring over your baby gold boiled potatoes.

With Thanksgiving just weeks away, I am in full preparation mode! This year I have found a few new recipes that I want to try out before the big day. I’ll be going to my parent’s house and likely cooking for around 20 guests, so I want to make sure I get it right!

One recipe that really caught my eye came from Southern Living. I modified from it slightly, using what ingredients I had lying around. 🙂

Per the recipe, I started by steaming the broccoli (I didn’t have any cauliflower today).


Then, I mixed mayo, Cheddar cheese, red pepper, salt, green onions, and a little olive oil in a small bowl.


Then I carefully spread the mixture over the broccoli in my beloved Rachel Ray cookware ( a perfect baking dish if you cook for 4 people or less).


After about 10-15 minutes, I added some Panko breadcrumbs and dotted with a small amount of butter. Such a beauty!


I will definitely be making this side dish for Thanksgiving. But next time, I’ll steam the broccoli for less time and add crumbled bacon on top! Bacon makes everything better. 🙂

Got any other ideas for Thanksgiving side dishes? I’ll be posting more of my favorites over the next couple weeks.



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